New Student Registration Form​                                                 Current Student Registration Form

Once-A-Year Fees:

(Due June  1, 2017)

Activity Fee (K-3 through 12)     $160.00
Class Fee (K-3 through 12)       $155.00
Yearbook fee (per family)            $75.00
Maintenance fee (per family)     $100.00

A family can work 10 maintenance hours on campus during  the school year and a $100.00 credit will be put toward May’s tuition payment.


1. Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month.  If you make a partial payment on tuition, it will always be credited to the oldest invoice.

2. Tuition is late after the 10th of each month.  All tuition received after the 10th of the month will be assessed a $30.00 late fee. This amount is compounded each month until full payment is made.

3.All accounts must be current in order for a student to begin on the first day of school.

Amite School Center


Registration Fee  – $150.00 (K-3 through 12)



​Mandatory Fundraising Fee:  $150.00 (per family) due by May 1, 2018.

Each family will be given raffle tickets to sell and turn in by 5-11-17 to offset this fee.

​​Tuition: Two options
(payments due 1st of each month)

                                    ___ 12 Month       ___ 10 Month
                                   (June –May)         (Aug – May)

1 child:                               $307                    $368

2 children:                          $518                    $621

3 children:                          $685                    $822

A 5% discount given if tuition paid in full before August 1, 2017.

One-Time-Only Fee: 

Membership (stock): $250 or $25 per month until $250 has been paid.

In the event the child does not attend ASC, the “tuition and fees” are non-refundable. All applications are subject to final acceptance by Board of Directors of Amite School Center. Whenever emergency medical care for a student appears necessary or advisable, the Headmaster, or teacher in charge, may use his/her best judgment in arranging medical attention at such location and within such time as seems appropriate under the circumstances.