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Leigh-Ann Walker Staff Photo

Supply List 

Amite School Center 4 th and 5th Grade Supply List

1. Scissors

2. 12-count colored pencils

3. 12-count washable markers

4. Yellow highlighter

5. Pencils (Mechanical are recommended. We will not have sharpeners of any kind in the room.)

6. 2 folders (NO prongs)

7. 2 three-ring zipper pencil pouches (One for each binder.)

8. 2 three-ring 1 in. binders (One for math/SS/science and one for reading/language.)

9. Erasers

10. 2 packs of wide-ruled paper (One for each binder.)

11. Index cards

12. Dividers


4 th - Lysol spray

5 th - Clorox Wipes


4 th - 1 Paper Towels

5 th - Kleenex

*In lieu of cleaning products, you may make a donation for us to purchase these items.

*NO pencil sharpeners.

Due to the current situation, all supplies (except cleaning supplies) and textbooks will be kept with the student in their book-bag. You may use a small box to store their markers/colored pencils, etc. in their book-bag. Additional supplies may be requested at any time.