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Adams, Alissa 7-9 English/Girls Basketball
Allen, Shannon HS Spanish/History
Bean, Bryce Compter/Business/Boys Basketball
Burg, Heather Elementary- 3rd Grade
Campbell, John 10th-12th English & Honors English
Cothren, Amy Elementary- Kindergarten
Forman, Hannah Library
Foster, Braxton JH History/Head Softball
Foster, Kaitlyn HS math/Softball
Greer, Maranda Elementary- 6th Grade
Johnston, Sumer Physical Education/ Cheer Coach
Knight, John Headmaster
Knight, Marcie Elementary- 4th and 5th Grade
Knight, Rebecca High School Science/History
Martin, Leigh Elementary- 2nd Grade
Miller, Kay Financial Secretary
Pechon, Lacey Art
Seale, Katie Elementary Bible/After Care
Touchstone, Danielle Elementary- K-3
Walker, Leigh-Ann Elementary- 4th and 5th Grade
Ware, Dan Athletic Director/Administration
Ware, Lynn Elementary- K-4
Weathers, Tiffany High School Science/Health
Weaver, Jenny Elementary- Kindergarten
Weaver, Joe Head Football/Baseball/Bible